Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FWQAL Week 6...the fruit punch is tasty!

Seriously!  I may have drank the kool-aid...but it tastes darn good!  So here is this week's (Week 6 of the FWQAL, my week 2, but I'm keeping with what the general week is as I've made the same number of blocks (2 per week) that would make me at week 6 I tend to over explain things!). are this week's blocks:

Block #11: Broken Dishes
 (my personal fave so far)

Block #12: Broken Sugar Bowl

and all 12 blocks together (pics like this help me figure out what colors/fabrics I need more of in future blocks):

just realized the above pic only has 11 blocks...will have to take another pic with Week 7!

I have to say...joining the FWQAL Flickr group has been the best!  All the fab folks over there have been so sweet, take the time to post pointers, post questions, and provide the best and most positive atmosphere for all participants!

and that's all she wrote for now...not much sewing in my plans for later this hoping I will have a bit of time early next week for Week 7 blocks...otherwise...I'll just play catch up again!


  1. Your blocks are great! They are inspiring me to step out of my box and go more scrappy!

  2. Look how beautiful they are together! Nice work. :)

  3. Oh. So they are going in order. Nice variety of blocks.

  4. These look so good, I love the modern vintage feel they have when they are all together, really gorgeous. I must get caught up with mine this week


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