Friday, August 26, 2011

FWQAL Week 8/9...playing catch-up

After the insanity of the past few weeks, I'm really glad to be sewing again on my Farmer's Wives Blocks! The 4 blocks I'm posting today took me about a couple of days to get sewn...and then I was interrupted again by the real it's only 4, and I'm a few weeks behind now in the FWQAL...not that there is an actual time table/ is go at one's own pace...but still...I feel like I'm behind!  LOL!  Anywho...on to the blocks!

Block 15: Buzzard's Roost 
(this one had me freaking out...nothing seemed to work...and then was done!)

Block 16: Calico Puzzle
(it's a little crooked...and my stripes are a tiny bit off...but they are all headed in the same general direction at least!  so i'm happy!)

Block 17: Cats & Mice
(I have read a few blogs where this one really messed with came together fairly easy for me...but I was worried the end block wouldn't be the right size...thankfully it a thread!)

Block 18: Century of Progress
(this one went great...until i realized i'd sewn two section on upside down...and then ripped it apart and started over...won't remake this one anytime soon!)

And now...all 4 of them together:

My weekend plans include a bit of sewing...and getting some more Farmer's Wives blocks done!

Stay safe!  For those in the path of careful, get out if you can, and let us know you are ok when it passes!

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