Friday, January 25, 2013

Big girl pants...

...time for me to pull them up.  I have been very pouty the last few days and zero sewing has been accomplished because of that.  Last Friday I got word that they had figured out what was wrong with Goldie (my main machine) and that the part had been ordered, and would be done this week.

My dear Guy called them on Tuesday to check the status to be told it would be ready that night or Wednesday.  I did the happy dance!

Less than 24 hours later they called us...the part they replaced did not completely fix the problem...they have had to order another part.

So we are approaching 3 weeks without my main gal!  And I started to pout.

Now, let me say that the dealer I got Goldie through is very reputable, and have been fabulous for the past two years that I've had Goldie.  None of my disgruntlement has anything whatsoever to do with them!  This is me just plain feeling sorry for myself.

Since Goldie has been in the shop, I have done lots o' piecing on little Bitty.  But what I really want to be doing is FINISHING some quilts!  So I had to walk away from Bitty the other day.  My creative outlet needs were not being met.

Well...enough is enough...time to get over it!  This is what I have to work with, and I must make the best of it!   It also happens to be the first Friday Night Sew In of the an even better reason to get my rear in gear!  So off I go to piece away...and to apologize to Bitty for being so rude ;)


  1. It's OK to be pouty. We all understand. Being without your main fix is just frustrating all the way around. Hope the next part comes in much quicker than the last one!

  2. I love your post... it's okay to pout... I have two machines, Lucy and Ethel, and they sometimes don't get along, If Lucy is machine embroidery for me, as soon as I start sewing with Lucy, Ethel gets jelaous and jams up. True story!


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