Sunday, January 8, 2012

what to do...

Got some sewing done early this morning...and finally finished the Coming Home Ruby quilt top!!!

but now...I'm idea what I want to do with the back...and I really need to get this particular quilt crossed off my list!  But...I've decided to at least set it aside for now (a few hours at least)...maybe something will come to me at random!

anyways...started pulling apart my FQB of Terrain to start picking fabrics for my Terrain Swoon Quilt as part of the Swoon-along!  And here is what I've decided (for now at least):

I'll be using some Kona Snow for the background...I'm excited about this the bright colors!  Well that's it for now...hopefully lightning strikes (the idea kind of lightning) and I'll know what to do about that quilt back...otherwise...I'm anxiously awaiting contemplating what do for the Project Quilting Season 3 Challenge #1 that should be posted soon! that is up and running!

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  1. Your coming home quilt top is way too cute!! :o)
    I joined the swoon along too. :o) Irresistible!
    Have a great week! :o)


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