Wednesday, September 5, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 8

so let's just dive in:

Tuesday: Paris Race

Wednesday: none

Thursday: Paris Race

Friday: none

Saturday: Paris Race

Sunday: Swoon and T-shirt Quilt tops finished

Monday: nothing - traveling for business

I spent most of the week sewing for exactly 15 minutes (even set a timer!) just to make it happen.   The majority of the time was spent getting Paris Race quilted.

Now that the Terrain Swoon quilt top is finished, I really have to figure out what I'm going to do for the backing.

In the mean time, I'm ready to get started on my Christmas quilt...I'm going to be using Sweetwater's Countdown to Christmas and I think I'm going to do it using a disappearing nine patch pattern.  (got a couple of charm packs...gotta use them up!).  So that's the next new thing to add to the list.  We'll see how it goes!

Linking up at Life in Pieces.  Have a great week!


  1. Love your Swoon. *swoon* I need to bind mine. Also, that t-shirt quilt is too cool! Way to go with the 15 min. timer!! :)

  2. Not a bad week on the sewing front. I always hate it when business trips get in the way, but they pay for the fabric, so I guess it works out.

    Love your Swoon Top. Fun T-shirt quilt. Enjoy starting your Christmas quilt. Starting a new project is always so much fun.

  3. wow, you've been SEWING! that's great! looks like your good at it too! i guess keep it up! my poor craft room is on the back burner now....the real world of going back to work is upon me, as i'm sure you saw from my post. i live in delaware now. by myself. left jaime for real. its a scary thing, but for the best. anyways, if u ever wanna catch up, email is best, i have a new cell number, delaware. lol


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