Sunday, March 4, 2012

2012 Goals update...and some new WIPs here we monthly review of my goals for 2012 (last updated here):

1.  Finish T's Quilt (hasn't been touched since December 10th 2011) lots of progress made...should be finishing up soon!

2.  Finish OUR Quilt (not touched since August 2011) untouched still
3.  Complete at least 2 FWQAL blocks a month (this was becoming an overwhelming project last year, so I'm hoping to keep it honest and accept that it won't be 2 blocks a week!) got 2 more done for February!

4.  Blog at least once a week missed last week, but I was recovering from the nasty cold and catching up at I'm giving myself a pass on this one for right now
5.  Complete Pinocchio Cross Stitch did a little bit of stitching early in February...found an error...and haven't touched it since...this may be a road trip project...when and if we go on a road trip
6.  Relocate sewing space to craft room (currently sew in the living room, and rarely use my office/craft room...I want that changed!  will also require a LOT of reorganizing and cleaning and getting rid of stuff!) did some clearing out, got rid of some stuff...still lots more to do!
7.  Make a Christmas Quilt in time for it to be used at Christmas!  (so wanted to do this last year...didn't get around to it!) nothing so far
8.  Make at least one quilt just for me! not yet!
9.  Attempt applique on at least one quilt (mini-quilt would work here!) same as above
10.  Make Swoon Terrain Quilt in progress as part of the Swoon-along, 6 of 9 completed, #7 in progress!

11.  Attempt FMQ!  DONE!  
12.  Quilt and bind Girls SQ (before Halloween!) nothing so far
13.  Finish White Rabbit Surprise/Strawberry Swoon (at least do something with the blocks that have been made!) nada

So not a ton of progress made on the goals...BUT...maybe if I didn't keep starting new projects in the middle of trying to complete some other projects!  This week I've worked on this:

Paris Race (using this video) for Girl...

I saw the video...and desperately wanted to try making I let Girl pick a jelly roll (Pom Pom de Paris) and away I went while watching the Daytona 500 this past Monday...and I  took way more than an hour...but before the race ended...I had a completed quilt top!  I will definitely try this again!

and I just started this for my Sis who has moved into a new house and has new furniture...and now needs a new quilt to go with it all!  

I have a hard deadline for the above quilt, as in a few weeks I'll actually get to see my other goals may get pushed to the side (again!).  Fabric is Curious Nature by Parson Gray (love love love this fabric!) and the quilt pattern is City Lights from the book City Quilts by Cherri House.

That's it for now!  Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!

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