Thursday, March 22, 2012

a CHARMING quilt for a PRINCE

so...I was so excited yesterday to get started on my nephew's quilt...and a bit nervous too...this stack of fabric just CALLS to me...

I really didn't want to cut into it!  (btw...figured out the woodgrain print is from Aviary 2!  just look at the selvage doofus!  (that's what I said to me when I realized it!))  anywho...

as my nephew is the oldest of 3...and the older brother of 2 sisters...I wanted to make him something "different" from the quilts I'm working on for his sisters...but I didn't want to be "girly", and I wanted something to go with stuff he already sis told me his bedding is blue...hence the use of different blues...actually I don't think I would have cared what color it was once I picked up these fabrics!  anyways...need to get back on track I started (after staring at the fabric for a few mins) cutting five inch squares:

and eventually ended up with the proper number (this one is 100% a repeat of this quilt...just different fabrics) and included some fussy cutting of the frog...I mean Prince Charming...which I've never really done...and very proud to say came out just perfect!  I got to laying it all out (sorry no pics of this part)...and then just started piecing:

I'm in LOVE with this quilt...and ONLY because it is going to one of my FAVORITE people...will I part with it!  Back to piecing...I'm officially T-8 days to get this one and my nieces quilts finished so I can get them on their way to their new home! ACCKKKKK!  (I love a deadline...heehee!)

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