Monday, January 27, 2014

the sky is falling!!!

Oh it's not...that's just snow that's predicted to in South Carolina...depending on what predictions you look at...some are saying I could get 5-6"...I state again...I live in South Carolina. And before you go laughing and making fun about my state making a big deal about the weather...I live in a place that spends maybe $50 a year on "snow/ice removal."  That's to stockpile sand or salt in the event they need to spread some on major roadways due to ice.  And not all counties have the capability to salt/sand roads...and most roads near where I live will be ignored...Not to mention I live in a place that has 0 snow removal capability.  If it does will be a few days before some areas are clear enough for driving...and some rural areas will be much longer.  So we are all waiting with baited breath for anything to actually happen...should know in a few hours if the kids will be in school idea if I'll even go to work the next few days (if it's as bad as they say it might get).  And as it's supposed to be snow for about 24 hours and then we will enjoy some freezing rain...we'll see how much ice actually accumulates and if we'll have power or not...

So...yeah...maybe the sky is falling...guess I better make plans to stock up on bread and milk (not at all sure why I would need to stock up on those two items...but when in Rome and all that)...and about a case of wine (you know...just in case)...and a bottle of scotch...or something like that...isn't that what gets used to warm someone up that's been exposed to the cold for too long?  Gotta be prepared!

I'll check back in periodically if I'm able (and sober enough) to do so...

I'm kinda hoping for a day or two off with power so that I can sew and sit in my jammies and laugh at my dogs as they proclaim the sky is indeed falling (they're southern...and have no idea what snow is!)...

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  1. Did it get as bad where you are as it did in Georgia?


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