Friday, January 31, 2014

ALYoF - January finish!!

I posted about my January goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes back over here (link #53).

And today I can happily tell you that I did, indeed, meet my goal (by the skin of my teeth!) and my xplus quilt blocks have all been completed and transformed into a quilt top:

I love it!  It's been kind of exciting posting about the progress of this on instagram...and Jeni Baker, who designed Nordika, the primary fabric in this quilt, picked up my IG pic from Wednesday and regrammed it about the IG love!  It was kind of cool to see that and read all of the lovely comments received! 

Even beyond that, I was thrilled a few weeks ago to happen upon a picture of a quilt by Melissa of My Fabric Relish and had to go check it out, and it turns out that an early picture of some of my x plus blocks had provided her some inspiration.  That was seriously cool to read! 

This quilt, whenever I finally get it quilted and bound will be forever special...and all mine!


  1. Love the fabrics and it turned out great!

  2. That is a great quilt! Congrats on making your goal.

  3. Beautiful - Love your color and fabric choices! These x and + quilts always seem to turn out fabulous! Congrats on meeting your January goal!

  4. Looks wonderful! I made 10 more blocks this moth but not done yet! Love the nordika in yours, so very pretty!

  5. Congrats on the finish! It looks great.


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