Saturday, October 29, 2016

Temperature is dropping...

The temperature has slowly but surely been dropping (we are now enjoying ranges from 70 up to mid 80s) and the first time I have to wear long sewing mojo kicks into gear.  Last weekend I had a terrible urge to start a new I went through patterns I had stashed away and decided on Nantucket by Minick and Simpson.

I chose to shop my stash for the fabrics for this one, and I found everything I needed in old fat quarter bundles I had shoved on a shelf and forgotten about.  The cutting wasn't too bad, but it took a fair amount of time getting the nine patches ready.  I made pretty good progress in just one afternoon of work:

I picked it all up again yesterday and got to this stage:

and then to this stage:

That's 50 nine patches, so just over half of what I will need for this quilt.  Since I was a bit bored with putting those together, decided to work on a few more stars:

And that's where I'm at...I hope to have it to finished quilt top stage by the end of the weekend.  I do have to really finally finish my kiddo's halloween quilt.  So, we'll see if I can meet both goals.  Of course I also need to start on a few baby quilts, and the quilts that will be gifted for Christmas this I guess I better get moving on something!

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