Monday, March 28, 2011


As of 5:30 pm yesterday...I MADE A QUILT!!!  WOOOHOOO! is a little bit of the details...this is not my first first attempt (started back on March 4th) did not work out...something about not really understanding the seam thing...(which i'm still working on!)....but on March 18th...I started with this (Fabrics by Top Drawer):

and on March 27th...I ended with this (the dog is as stunned as I!):


Back (I'll tell you the story of the pieced backing some other time)

In particular the Daisy Chain pattern found on p. 63 (Daisy!  how perfect!  Definitely have the daisy theme rolling now!) (I may just be losing my mind...)

With a little help from my oh so cute quilt hanger/holder/the gal on the chair:

The quilt is now in the wash...had to take a bunch of pics just in case it doesn't survive.  I'll let you know!  And now...I'm on to this:

(The above is the start of a quilt for girl on the chair).

And now...I'm left to say...WOOOHOOO!  (and only one sliced finger and a few (minor) burns from the iron later!)  Maybe I CAN quilt!!!

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