Wednesday, March 30, 2011

stitch and piece...stitch and piece

On to my second quilt...which I actually started cutting strips for and getting prepped last week.  Gal on the chair has requested a quilt "just like" the first one...but in "her kind of colors."  So we went with another Top Drawer collection filled with chocolates, pinks, and oranges.  Definitely her kind of colors!  So here we go with another Daisy Chain quilt (pattern from Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintott).  Sewing individual fabric strips into larger blocks (rectangles?  not sure what to call them):

Once that was completed, time to cut each large piece into the strips that will form the squares and set up and ready to go (it's easier for me when it's all spread out in one general I can just grab and go):

and today I reached the halfway mark and got 12 of these squares completed...only 12 more to go before time to start assembling the quilt top!

I only work about an hour or so in the evenings during the week...the majority of my sewing gets done on the weekends...with the TV tuned to something that makes good background noise!  This weekend it will be basketball!

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  1. Hello. Just wondering if you had a copy of this pattern. I would LOVE to make it and can't seem to find the pattern anywhere.

    Jenny Spring


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