Thursday, August 29, 2013

The nerves are getting to me

Hello all!  Not a lot of sewing so far this week.  Let's be honest...I won't be sewing until next week.  No sewing this weekend either.  Why am I on pins and needles full of nervous energy?  Because this weekend is a big event.  One that Guy and I have been working towards for several months...

Sunday morning, Guy and I will run the Rock n' Roll Virginia Beach Half Marathon.  (I've been keeping a mini-journal of our training progress under the HMT tab at the top).  Wow...I've talked about it a lot to family and friends, but as the day gets closer, I'm really starting to realize that it's about to happen!

Guy and I have been on a little bit of a journey this year.  Since January 1, we have been working on improving our overall health and fitness.  This has resulted in about a 35 lb weight loss for me, and at one time a close to 50 lb weight loss for Guy.  There were no tricks, fad diets, anything like that used.  We worked out, starting very slowly, 20 minutes at a time on the eliptical or stationary bike.  A few weeks in, I added the 30 Day Shred (and plan on doing that again, it was a fantastic butt kicker!).  In February, we decided to try the Couch 2 5K plan.  We also visited the finish line of the Columbia Marathon and Half Marathon where a friend of ours was running.  And we figured maybe in a year that would be us, we would be able to run a half marathon.  One week after the Boston Marathon, we gathered with many like-minded individuals in a Run for Boston.  It was a great feeling.  A month later we ran our first OFFICIAL 5K.  And a few days after that, we registered for the Va Beach Half Marathon.

We found a training plant to take us from our 5K to the Half Marathon distance.  We ran another 5K, we trained, we trained, we lost a few weeks due to lots of other things going on...and the end of July/Beginning of August we realized that if we didn't kick it (us) into gear, we weren't going to finish the Half.  So we drafted our own training plan, with the long runs increasing each week until we hit double digits at least once prior to the Half.  This past Sunday, we ran 11 miles.  Damn it felt good on the inside to do that!  On the outside...yeah some other stuff hurt...but mentally I was feeling on top of the world.

And we are.  Today will be the last "prep" run.  It's not going to be a real run, it's going to be a nice jog on the treadmill to loosen up the legs.  All I can think is did I get here?  I'm very proud of us. 

Back to the nerves...I'm a wreck...I'm convinced my shoes are trashed (no way to replace them this close to race day, and they are actually fine...still have a few more miles left in them), I'm worried we are going to be late and miss the start of the race, I'm worried I'm not sleeping enough (which then makes me not sleep), I'm seriously excited...I just need this to be over!  LOL!

So forgive the lack of stitchy goodness that will be this blog for a few more days.  If you follow me on instagram, you'll see some pics this weekend of the race.  And hopefully of Guy and I finishing the race with our big shiny medals.  And cheezy grins! 

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