Tuesday, September 10, 2013

15 minute challenge...back in the game!

After taking the summer off and stepping away from the regularly scheduled sewing, I am so happy to say that this past week put me back in the thick of it!  How I have missed making time regularly for myself at the sewing table!  So here we go with this week's 15 minute challenge with Kate!

Tuesday: Zig Zag
Wednesday: Zig Zag
Thursday: none
Friday: RWB
Saturday: RWB, xplus
Sunday: RWB, xplus
Monday: none

5 of 7!  Feeling good!  This month's fostering creativity theme is "learn something new every day."  Wow.  That's a tough one.  I'm by profession, a teacher.  This is what I tell my students regularly (of course they are all over the age of 18, and mostly male, so they rarely listen...and one of my current students happens to be my husband...so we are really working on the listening!).  There are times around my department (training) where it is often a running joke that we learned something new that day.  Truth is...we really do.  We learn from out students, from each other, from our children...etc.  Now, how does this apply to fostering creativity...well, not sure that it is so easy to apply to ones creative piece.  Some days I'm sewing the same block over and over...doesn't feel like I'm increasing my knowledge...but at the same time...those seams are getting straighter and more accurate the more I go.  So instead of "learn" something new every day...it may be in the "practice" something every day.  Stuff for me to think about. 

Hope you have had a great stitching week!

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  1. Welcome back to the challenge. You had a really good week.

    My Guy and I work for the same company, but in different departments. Right now we are working on a project together. It's a bit weird to schedule a meeting with one's spouse. But I do understand the "listening" skill set often needs a bit of work!


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