Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wellness Wednesday...ep. 13-16

Wow...really really didn't mean to go so long between posts (again).  It's been a little crazy in my life.  Some things that have been in progress for the past 2 years are FINALLY coming to a close, we had Spring Break in there somewhere, and finally the weather is actually feeling like Spring (lots of yardwork)!  Not to mention...I've actually done some sewing...and I will get a post up about that this week!

On to the Wellness part of this post...after the two races in March...I pretty much took a month off.  It wasn't thing led to another (see my paragraph above) and I didn't get any running in...didn't go to yoga.  Was pretty much a lazy lump.  And you know what...oh well.  It was needed, my legs were dead, my heart wasn't in it, and so I just didn't.  Then last really was time to get started, my mojo was up, I was getting the itch to get going, and I signed up for another race.  This time it's the Asheville Half Marathon taking place on June 6th.  Figured I have enough time to get back to half marathon distance.  This will be half number 6, and I'm doing this one again with my mom!  I'm very excited, and the running is feeling pretty good I feel better now that I'm back to running.  I'm really slow, and the distances have been fairly short, but I'm moving!

April miles: 10.5
2015 miles: 126.2

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