Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Wellness Wednesday...ep. 17

I kicked up the running a bit  (woohoo...did 10 miles!) this past week.  Long run of 6.17 miles over the weekend had me feeling pretty good.  I did miss a regular weekday run because I was mowing our horribly overgrown yard, so I'll just call that cross training.  Beyond that I did a bit of foam rolling and not much else.  I'm aiming to add in a bit more cross training over the next week, and at some point get my rear end back to yoga.  I started my run yesterday on the treadmill...but barely made it a mile before I had to take it outside...the weather was gorgeous, and lately me and the treadmill haven't been getting along.

April miles: 20.6

Miles YTD: 136.3

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