Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A month of bags...

March may just be the month of bags for me...over the weekend I put together this duffel:

using the Swoon Dallas Vintage Duffel pattern.  And then had to go get fabric and supplies for two more.    This is a great pattern, a fairly stress free sew (it made me get more acquainted with my zipper foot...and more zippers...which I guess is a good thing).  All in all, I really enjoyed putting this one together.  Sunday evening I managed to get 95% of the pieces cut out and interfaced for one:

now I just need to get the fusible fleece piece done and I can start assembly.   I have also had a hard time finding the proper hardware for these bags, so I ordered some and hope it shows up soon.  I'll post more about that later.   I'm hoping to have the two finished in the next two weeks.

I also put together a Lazy Girl Runaround bag, another fantastic, and fast sew.

I need to finish at least two more of these over the next two weeks.  And then, last but not least, I need to get at least 5 (preferably 8) new laundry bags (using Jeni Baker's drawstring bag pattern), over, you guessed it, the next two weeks.

I'm excited for all of these bags, and just hope I get them done for when they are needed!

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