Thursday, March 10, 2016


For a long time, I was afraid of sewing with zippers (might have something to do with one of the first times I tried I broke several needles, long story), but I've progressed (a little).  Now I see zippers as another part of a project (not the part I'm usually the most thrilled about, but I don't avoid them).  After sewing the Runaround bag and the Dallas duffel last weekend, I'm feeling more comfortable working with zippers.

So yesterday I decided I wanted to try the Triple Zip pouch and here are the results:

not the best, but definitely not bad.  Not sure how it got so wonky, but oh well, I'll definitely try it again!  And then today, I got back to work on the next Dallas duffel:

and let me tell you...that's the best looking zipper pocket I have ever made!  Far from perfect, but compared to others I have done, it looks fantastic!

Now I need to buy more zippers!

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