Monday, July 1, 2013

Scrappy trippin...

On Saturday I finally (and I mean finally...this quilt top has been finished since March!), got my Scrappy Trips quilt backing pieced together and basted and started quilting it! (all pics via instagram, you can find me on IG @lesleyworth)

(big shout out to my Guy for helping me out!)

and on sunday I was up bright and early and got the quilting finished!  (Well...after a bit of coffee and internet surfing). 

and then tried to decide what to use to bind it...and pulled out some binding remnants...and it looks like it's plenty to bind this quilt with!  So that's my project for this week...hopefully I'll finish it early in the week and get another quilt top ready for quilting!

Or perhaps...since it's 4th of July week...I'll finally get my Starburst QAL (done in red/white and blue) blocks finished!

Or I'll find some other project to distract myself with (pretty sure of this one!!).

Ta-ta for now!

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  1. Your Scrappy Trips looks great! Have a fun 4th.


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