Friday, June 28, 2013

New Fabric Friday...always check the selvage! last!   Before I get to the guts of this post, I just want to say thank you to everyone for sending me some positive vibes and your thoughtful comments on yesterday's post.  I picked myself up...dusted myself off...and hit the ground running today!

Part of the picking myself up involved a little fabric pick-me-up shopping trip today.  I hit the local Hancock's fabric just to see what might be lurking from the shelves, and I gotta tell you...I was incredibly surprised.  Before I show you what made it's way home with me, I'm going to introduce you to Christen and her site Love by Hand (got to briefly meet Christen at Sew South earlier this year) and link up with:
Love By Hand

I have developed a Friday shopping habit, and now I can share it with others!  Woohoo!

On to today's goodies!  This week this stack came home with me:

I had no real intention with my shopping today...I just needed a fabric fix!  I was kind of excited to walk in and see that all of Hancock's ABS Cotton Prints were 50% off (I like to use these for quilt backs and used quite a few in my Scrappy Trips quilt...which I really should get basted and quilted!!).  So I took quite a bit of time perusing the shelves...and imagine my surprise when I saw that some of the ABS labels had been pasted on over some other labels...I thought perhaps they were recycling the cardboard bolts or something.  And then I looked at the selvage:

Ummm...hmmm...I double and triple checked, and yep...these bolts were labeled as ABS Cotton Prints.    When I was having them cut, the young lady that worked in the store mentioned she hadn't seen some of these before.  I asked if they were new...had they gotten a new shipment in...and she confirmed yes these had just arrived and that the marked price was correct.  These were regularly priced at 6.99 to 7.99 a yard.  On sale for 50% off.  I may have to go back and dig some more!  I looked up several of the lines, with most released in 2011.  (Deer Valley is listed as discontinued). When I got home I tried to search out ABS Cotton Prints, but didn't get very far.  I'm very curious if they purchased "leftover" bolts, relabeled them and put them out to the stores.

Anyways...let this be a lesson...older fabric can be a great new fabric for someone...and always peek at the selvage!



  1. I have Power Pop in a blue/purple! Now I want to go to Hancocks....

  2. Ooh very pretty! It's even better when they are sale.

  3. Love these prints, gonna have to check that out! I just love the top one, really eye catching. Visiting from Love by Hand:)

  4. Wow! What a great find! I know exactly what you mean by needing a fabric fix. I call my LQS my "Happy Place" and go to browse the shelves, and BUY lots of fabric when I'm having a bad day or need a pick me up. Thanks for linking up - I love seeing everyone's fabric!


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