Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another bag...and busting open the stash...

Good Morning!  Hope your Saturday is dawning even half as lovely as mine!   (Girl is at the grandparents, Guy is out on an just me and the dogs, and the day and house all to myself!!!).

Took yesterday off from work (desperately needed some recharging!) and dropped in to a new-to-me fabric store and then my regular local shop (Creative Sewing Machine Center) and came out with a few things.  The new-to-me shop...I may go back...we'll see...I picked up some voile by Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler, and a nice yard cut of an Amy Butler Alchemy print I hadn't seen around these parts yet.

At my regular shop...I could spend hours there...just wandering around, checking everything out...I ended up leaving with a new bag pattern, some Joel Dewberry Notting Hill for the new bag, some Bella Snow to line the bag,  and then a few cuts of other stuff to add to the stash.

I came home and whipped up the bag (well...sort of...took about 5 hours...)

I made the small size of the pattern and made two minor modifications, one intentionally and one not.  The first, I used fusible fleece in the handles instead of the SF101 (both from pellon) the pattern called for, (lots of SF101 used, and I love how the bag stands up on it's own!). The second modification was because I had a serious issue figuring out the pockets...they came out all kinds of wonky.  It was also my one issue with the pattern, the cutting instructions left a lot to be desired when it came to understanding how the pocket should be cut out.  (I'll probably reread it later and it make perfect sense, but at the time...nope).  This bag is intended to be my gym bag, as the duffle I was using is just plain too big, and the other tote I have is already designated (and filled with) beach/pool stuff.  I think it will work out, if not, then I'll make the tote in the larger size.  I like the bag, and it will be used!

Now...on to busting the stash...I had to laugh at myself after bringing home my fabric purchases yesterday...because once again...I hit up Joel Dewberry's Notting Hill.  Which by the purchases I have made of that line alone, I would have to say it's my absolute favorite.  Here is what I'm talking about:

(Some of the pieces I received in my awesome Sew South goodie bag!).  And the above photo only represents the pink color way.  I also have the rest of the collection in the teal and other color way (can't remember what color that one is).  My Sisters Ten BOM blocks are utilizing the one color way...and the teal is patiently waiting it's turn.  (Ok...truth...I've been hoarding the pink and teal...).  And now I think it's time I just cut into them and make something...probably from the pink.  (I do have a purse and now the spice market tote in Notting Hill pinks/orange already) Because I love pink and orange.  So perhaps a quilt...just for idea what pattern I'm going to use (considered Swoon...but I haven't even finished my original Swoon quilt yet!).  So I'll add that to the list of things to happen.  And not purchase anymore Notting Hill until I do...I better get this quilt done fast!

Well, I must be sewing machine desperately needs a cleaning...and then I've got a quilt top to finish putting together...and I'd like to get two of my "to be quilted" tops basted and ready to be quilted...and then...well...we'll see how far I get!

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  1. Your new bag turned out beautifully, even with the pocket problems. Hope you got recharged with your day off.


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