Wednesday, June 12, 2013

pretty little birdie...

actually...the term "little" really should not be used in this post's title...because this bag:

is not little!  Not by any stretch of any imagination. (forgive the pics..the bag is on a road trip right now, so I only have my instagram pics of it).

I made this bag for Girl (who picked out the fabric (with a little help from me) and the pattern (pattern was all her)) and finished it up Monday.  The pattern is Amy Butler's Birdie Sling and man oh pattern directions ever!  Very little time spent trying to figure out what it was saying/what I was supposed to do.  Made two changes: added a magnetic snap closure and did not double interface one of the pieces, but that was it. 

Seriously...the bag is huge!  I'm really tempted to make this one again...for me...maybe even the same fabrics...but Girl might not like that so much.  Maybe in Carnaby Street...hmmmmm

I spent a total of 7 hours making this bag...and the first 3 were spent getting pattern pieces ready (I use freezer paper) and cutting out all the fabric and interfacing and attaching all of the interfacing.  I'd also consider the magnetic snap added about 20 minutes because I had to dig around for my reference book (A Bag for All Reasons by Lisa Lam) as this is only the 2nd magnetic snap I've ever installed.  I figure to do it again (make the bag again), the time would probably be cut down a little...but I definitely see myself making more as the finished product is GORGEOUS!

Pattern: Birdie Sling by Amy Butler
Fabric: Prince Charming by Tula Pink, Moda Bella Solid (unsure what specific color)
Interfacing: Pellon SF101 and Thermolam Plus (fusible fleece)
Thread: Mettler

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  1. How cute! Looks like Girl is thrilled with it. She looks quite stylish.


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