Friday, June 21, 2013

dear suck

Warning...serious griping ahead...

Several years ago (somewhere around 6-8 years ago) I stopped using paypal because, kinda sucked (for me).  I had minor issues from day one that were aggravating, but not devastating...but added up to be plain aggravating; I never really felt secure using paypal (fake emails, hacked accounts), and their customer service was awful (i.e. trying to report fake emails/hacked accounts/reactivating my own account/rudeness, etc), so I STOPPED using it.  Which meant, at the time, I was a bit limited in my ebay shopping and other online shopping.  I wasn't concerned.

Fast forward...and now I'm PISSED.  There are several people who sell lovely patterns and have online stores that I cannot shop from because paypal STILL SUCKS!

A perfectly good, legitimate debit card and the option to just pay for something without a paypal account...paypal won't accept my card at the purchase point...individual invoices will work....but not direct on website.

My bank (whom I've been with for 15 years, and actually do trust) says the issue is something with paypal...they can't figure out why paypal won't accept my card...which means that there are some things I just cannot purchase online...normally not a big deal (and Guy is happy).

But, it's incredibly frustrating to not be able to purchase patterns and fabric (there is one pattern in particular I want very badly...and I may have to contact the seller/pattern writer/artist to see if they can work with me...or just walk away and not purchase...cuz it's driving me nuts!) from small business/independent retailers/(i.e direct from the source).  Last year I had so many issues trying to pay for my Sew South ticket...I was incredibly thankful that Jennifer was so easy to work with to help me resolve and retain a ticket.

at the end of the day...I want to spend some independent sellers...and just get my stinkin patterns...and I can't...because somewhere in the magical mix of it all...some computer code/glitch/piece...doesn't like me.

which makes me a very grumpy girl.

oh well...enough of a gripe.



  1. Gah! I'm so sorry to hear this. Although I get a lot of the phishing emails from Paypal, I've never had other issues. I can understand with this experience why you'd want to stay away from the service altogether, but just wanted to let you know you can buy Paypal giftcards (if you REALLY want the pattern).

  2. I've had to use Paypal a couple of times, but haven't had any issues so far. Too bad there isn't a competitive service, maybe their customer service would be helpful.


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