Thursday, June 27, 2013

some days

are just plain rotten.  and sometimes...your entire week goes along with it!

I was reading a few blogs the other day, looking at posts on "how to draw traffic to your blog" the "does and don'ts of blogging"...and guess what...I'm in the "rejects traffic" and "drives readers away" categories.  Or I'm about to...I'm blogging about something non-quilt/craft related...getting a little personal...and to be honest...not giving a flying flip about it!

For the past four years, I have lost my summer to a major work related project...the same just repeats every year.  And this bites the big one.  I can't say a whole lot about it (unfortunately) other than it's incredibly stressful, and can be incredibly rewarding.

And then there are weeks like this one...and while I found a glimmer of light at the end of a very dark tunnel right around lunch time today...all I can say right now is that it's likely going to suck for the remainder of the summer (I'm such a pessimist...or is it realist?) and I'm seriously bummed out about that.

Perhaps it's because I'm getting older...or slower...or...well I don't know what else...but this year this project has been incredibly much more painful than any other year I can remember.

So I'm going to ask that anyone still reading this blog (after I broke all the blogging rules) to send some positive vibes my way (if you have any to spare!).

Because this won't be over until sometime in mid-August.  Ick.  I need to sew something...maybe tomorrow.


  1. positive vibes .. bear with me here ..... my youngest daughter has a very stressful period in her life right now. Her car was stolen. She had been researching buying a replacement before it was stolen but was putting off the actual buying of the new car until her life calmed down a bit. Now, the purchase was forced upon her. She's studying for her CPA license. She has 2 more exams to take. If she doesn't pass them, there are dire consequences. She recently had to move into a new place because of objectionable living conditions at her previous place. AND she's working at a full time job.

    So, how does this relate to you? My advice to her is the same I give to you: concentrate on the short-term goals. In this situation, do not look at the entire big picture .. it's too depressing and overwhelming. Instead, look at the ONE thing that needs to be accomplished RIGHT NOW. Focus on that one thing. Get it done. Accomplishment! Hooray!

    Then, identify the next short-term goal. etc, etc, etc. lather, rinse, repeat. :-)

    Maybe the short-term goal is simply taking a shower. Maybe it's getting the kids to an appointment. But by concentrating on the NEXT thing to be done, you can mentally put a check mark in that box. By the end of the day, you'll have a whole page of check marks that demonstrate your accomplishments.

    Don't think of everything that needs to be done. By getting all the small things done, you'll eventually get the big things done.

    "A journey of a thousand miles is begun with a single step". Just concentrate on the steps at this time, not the entire journey.

    Good luck and gentle hugs.

  2. Don't worry about the do's and don't of blogging - it should be a log of YOUR life and it should be written how you want to write it. Good vibes coming your way.

  3. We all have ups and downs. First, I wouldn't worry about blog advice too much. Just do what you want - its your blog :)

    My work ain't been so great this week either. When that happens, I spend more time quilting and less time thinking of work. It does help to focus on other things.

  4. Sending some positive vibes your way. I learned a long time ago... just be yourself and don't worry to much about what others think.

  5. blog advice just frustrates me .. those blog police are kind of like the quilt police. They just get you down .. hang in there . you'll get through this ...

  6. Isn't there something out there that says rules are meant to broken sometimes? At any rate, one thing I've read about blogging recently is that you should be yourself in your blog. It's hard to be all up when a significant part of your life (which work is) isn't going well. Sending lots of good thoughts your direction. Since it's a recurring project, is there anything you can do this year to make next year better?

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your project! I agree with everyone else's comments about blogging - be yourself and let your voice shine through. A more important rule in blogging to me is being authentic because if a blog or the person behind it is *too* perfect (in that they have bunny rabbits and rainbows of a life then its harder to relate.


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