Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 25

Happy Wednesday Evening!  Not a lot to say, other than I'm feeling pretty good about meeting my goals this past week.  A few days I could've gone "harder" but opted not to, and probably worked out for the best.  My biggest challenge right now is continuing to clean up my diet.  I'm trying to do this without the constraints of full on calorie counting, as that made me a bit miserable and obsessive last go round.  So I'm mostly working on cleaning up my food intake, trying to improve on the overall amount of "clean food" I'm taking in versus junk.  Am I doing better...yes...could I be doing a lot better...yes.  It's a journey instant gratification in these parts!

Stats for the month:

Mileage: 25.6
Cross Train Workouts: 10
Weight loss: 0.4

Baby steps!!!

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