Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wellness Wednesday...Ep. 41

the story of the epic fail...

I ran my 3rd half marathon over the past weekend.  And it was the worst long run I've ever had.  I felt terrible from the start, my legs were tight, my back was tight, everything was just yuck.  But I finished.  (there were moments I thought I was going to quit).  And I got my medal.  And then I hung out with my good friends and had a good time.  Then end...

sort of.  I was so incredibly upset and disappointed when I finally finished the race.  I was embarassed and felt terrible.  And then I got over it.  I had no choice...was I going to wallow in it and ruin the rest of the weekend?? NOPE! 

and then I learned something about myself...I'm a RUNNER.  My first thoughts after getting over the disappointment was when will I run next and when's my next opportunity to set a new PR for my half.  I was already planning on when I'd start back running this week (I've since come to my senses and am giving myself a few days off of running and working out in general).  Feeling the urge, the motivation, the true desire to get back out on the road so quickly is when I truly realized that I am indeed a runner.  I will never be the fastest, I won't set world records, but dang it...I'm a runner. 

So there ya go...

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