Thursday, February 12, 2015

Wellness Wednesday 2015...ep. 5 and 6 -- the injured edition

So here we are...a few weeks later, on a's been an interesting few weeks.  Minor injury scare (actually a little more than minor).  I had a great week going, then all of a sudden, BAM...after my long run on Sunday and a great yoga class, my knee gave up. 

Wednesday: 3.74 mile run
Thursday: rest
Friday: 1:15 yoga class
Saturday: 1:00 yoga class
Sunday: 9.25 mile run, 1:15 yoga class (deep stretch) -- and somewhere during this day I over did my knee
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest

I actually had to take that Monday off from work because my knee was really uncomfortable.  I went back on Tuesday, but it still wasn't 100%.  It wasn't until that weekend I really got back into doing anything.

Wednesday:  rest
Thursday: rest
Friday: rest
Saturday: 2:00 partner yoga class (this was AWESOME!)
Sunday: 4.57 mile run (felt pretty good, but really slow and a bit stiff afterwards)
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest

I am finally feeling back to 100% (sort of).  Missing a week of running wasn't too bad, needed a cut back week anyways, but it still can be a bit iffy this close to a race.  I've got one more long run I'm planning before I start a bit of a taper going into race weekend.  Two weeks from today I will be in Texas!  And only 16 more days until Half Marathon #4!  (and only 37 more day until Half Marathon #5!)

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