Friday, January 1, 2016

New quilt

Yesterday afternoon I started cutting out fabric for a new quilt.

I am using the Swiss pattern by Camille Roskelley.  I fell in love with the pattern as soon as she posted it on Instagram, thinking it would be great for scraps.  I started with orange, as it's pretty much my favorite color.  Unfortunately I didn't have near the number of orange scraps as I do other colors, so I had to pull from my stash (which was also limited in orange) to cut some of the larger pieces.  I still have quite a bit of cutting to do, but hope to be moving towards the assembly stage later today.  My daughter has also started pulling from the blue scraps to make a blue Swiss quilt.  I'm thinking there could be a rainbow of Swiss quilts in my future.

I hope your New Year has started off the best it can be.  I've made no resolutions, set no particular sewing goals and have selected no special word for 2016.  I really just want to relax and enjoy the maybe that is a goal/resolution.

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