Monday, April 11, 2016

Closing out the month of March we are a bit into April already...but I have a good excuse to be finally posting the rest of my March sewing...I spent the last week of March at Disney World!  (and then spent last week recovering).  Before we got on the road though, I did manage to get my third Dallas duffel completed:

This one really tried my patience.  The fabric I chose was an outdoor fabric that frayed like crazy.  The fraying wasn't too terrible until i went to put the piping in...and let's just say no one needs to look to close at that portion of the bag.  All three duffels went on the trip and worked fabulously.  Since we were gone for a week, we asked a friend of ours to look after the fur babies at the house instead of kenneling them.  As a thank you I made this Swoon Bonnie for her:

I had a lot of fun making Bonnie, she's a quick and fun sew.  I plan on many more in the future.  In addition to the two bags above, I also managed to finish up 6 laundry bags (no pics of those).  So I can honestly say, March was definitely the month of the bag!

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