Saturday, April 30, 2016

First time for everything...

Today I sewed with Glitter Vinyl for the first time!  And man oh I ready to add this stuff to everything!  Today's bag is the Lola domed handbag by Swoon Patterns.  This bag would have been a very quick sew...if I had read the directions instead of just glossing over them.  Oh well!  Live and learn!  This morning I was excited to actually stitch with the vinyl for the first time:

and then before too long I had this:

the bottom of the bag is even vinyl:

The only real issue I had was when I was sewing the handles, and had two vinyl against both the sewing foot and the feed got a bit sticky.  But it all worked out!  I also used Flex Foam for the first time on this bag, and it!  And now I'm off to either sew another Lola...or move onto a different bag...decisions decisions!

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