Monday, April 25, 2016

Keeping busy...

March seemed to be Bag Month in these parts, April might turn into Bag Month.  It's getting all official and stuff...I really like making bags!!!

First one up is another Ramona (Swoon Patterns) using Rhoda Ruth fabric by Elizabeth Hartman (and a touch of Tula Pink for the lining):

this one is for one of my nieces who specifically requested I make her a bag.  (It's always nice to have your family ask for something handmade).

I also put together a Laney bag (Again Swoon Patterns) using some fabric out of my stash:

This pattern is great, and a very quick sew.

I'm working on a Sheena (dare I say it...Swoon Patterns)

just waiting on my order of zippers to arrive.  Yep...the girl not so comfortable with zippers...specifically went out and ordered herself some zippers (handbag zippers too).  I feel this is a huge step for my zipper-phobia.  But what can I say...Alicia Miller's patterns are amazing and so easy to work with and have really made me feel comfortable sewing with zippers.  (For the record...all of the opinions stated here are, in fact, my own, and I have been provided zero compensation for these opinions/reviews.  I paid for every pattern and all fabric out of my own pocket.)

And then I went and did the unthinkable...I purchased some Glitter Mirror Canvas Vinyl by Mikri World (so many beautiful bags made with the glitter stuff, had to try it!).  First planned bag is another Ramona...this time for my baby girl!

Happy sewing!

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