Tuesday, June 26, 2012

15 minute challenge...Week 2

I did a little better this week on the 15 minute challenge (hosted by Kate at Life In Pieces).

Tuesday I dug in on the last three blocks for the T-shirt quilt and got each one about 75% of the way there:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...nada...I have found that when I work night-shift...that's the time in the week when I pretty much hit a wall and about all I can do is sleep and eat and work...and think about sewing.

Saturday I got the remaining side done on the T-shirt Quilt blocks and now all I have to do is piece the blocks together.  I also started on the California Race quilt for my Mom:

Sunday I worked on California Race:

Monday was more California Race:

So far I'm feeling really good about joining this challenge.  It's definitely helping me to see when I can actually make time to sew with my work life being as hectic as it is.  Nice part...after this week...back on regular daylight hours for a few weeks; bad news...it's only going to get busier at work between now and September!  It will be interesting to compare this week to a month from now to two months from now...to see how it all changes (or maybe it won't!).  I 'm just happy to be sewing a little more regularly!



  1. The T-shirt blocks are really coming together. It will definitely be a fun quilt for some Longhorn.

    Switching between days and night shift has to be hard. Looks like you got a lot done in spite of the work schedule. You did much better than I did and I don't have such a good excuse!

  2. Good progress considering your schedule! I love the Jelly Roll Race quilt so far.

  3. loooong ago i did some night shift work and i just could not handle it. i think your accomplishments are awesome~!



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