Tuesday, June 19, 2012

15 minute challenge...week 1

Well, I didn't sew every day...and not even the majority of the days...but I did sew at least two of the days! I am linking up over at Life in Pieces.

Wednesday: One block for the T-shirt Quilt (right at about 15 minutes)

Saturday: Block 1 of the FQS 2012 Designer Mystery BOM (much longer than 15 minutes; would have been a bit shorter but I screwed up a few pieces and had to start over)

Now...what did I do the other days of the week?  Worked.  A lot.  On night shift.  But that's not much of an excuse, considering I had ample opportunity when I was home to take just a few minutes to sit down and sew something.  So hopefully I get a little more done this week.

Off to chat with my machine for a few!


  1. very nice blocks. how are you stabilizing the t-shirt material?

  2. Love both your blocks. I have days where I don't sew too because or work related stuff I'm shattered by the time I get home usually) but I figure it kind of evens out on the days when I do sew!

  3. Welcome to the 15 minute challenge this week. It can take a while to figure out when is he best time to fit in your 15 minutes. Some weeks I'm better at it than others. Love the Longhorn T-shirt block, nice coordinating fabrics. Love the colors in your mystery BOM block.

  4. Hey, two days a week is better than none! And it's a good way to look at your time management and see when you do have time to sneak some sewing in. :)


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