Monday, June 25, 2012

because I can...

...I started a new quilt this weekend...I threw caution to the wind and chose ignore all of those unfinished pieces stacked all over the place...and started a new one of these kinda quilts.  It started with this:

which became this:

and I totally screwed up at one point and had to cut and re-do one piece (got the wrong side sewn to the right side and well...gotta fix those things; and it's hard to actually tell in this pic...which is why I think it was hard for me to realize I was sewing the two parts together wrong in the first place!):

and is slowly...but surely becoming something like this:

a few more steps and the top will be done!

now the truth is...back around Mother's Day my Mom came to visit and I told her to pick from my stash of Jelly Rolls and Fat Quarters some fabric she liked and I would make her a quilt similar to the ones for my nieces.  So she picked the above fabric...and there it sat...until Saturday...when she was on her way for another visit!  So like any good child (who tends to procrastinate, bite off more than she can chew, and is easily bored with one thing and must quickly move to another) would do, I got some sewing done before she arrived so I could show her that I had been diligently working on that which I had promised her.  Yeah, I'm awesome, I know!  LOL!  I'm calling this one the California Race (you know...California Girl fabric...Jelly Roll Race style...I'm so creative!)

Have a great week!  See you tomorrow!

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  1. Pretty! I'm about to order a California Girl Jelly Roll - can't resist the colors! And Jelly Roll races go fast, so maybe it will be done in time!


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