Thursday, June 7, 2012

and it begins... totally blew one of my 2012 goals of blogging once a week...but I've blown off a few of those goals WELL! LOL!

around my house Summer has been in full session for about a week now (Girl is officially a 7th grader (which is both fantastic and sad at the same time!))...and though a I mentioned a few distractions here...the truth is when the real distractions begin!  and cause I'm a girl that likes lists...let me list them for you:

  1. The lake
  2. The pool
  3. The river
  4. Work
  5. Books
  6. My new toy
  7. The fence
  8. I'm sure there is more but that's all I got right now..
So yeah...we've been doing a bit of playing here lately (and a bit of work around the house)...over Memorial Day weekend we got some much needed prep work done for our fence (desperately needed fence...three dogs and no fenced in yard = I'm going CRAZY!)...and spent time at the the pool...on the river...We are incredibly lucky to have some amazing friends...and these friends happen to have a lovely lake access area...and some more amazing friends have a when someone says come over anytime...well...we've done that...

This past weekend we did some canoeing on the river (LOVED IT!) there went another day...and then there is work...

May - August is usually the busiest time (for at least the past few years) for me at work...and this year...well...January to December is the busiest time...I normally LOVE my job...but there are days that the reasons I love my job are quickly outnumbered by the reasons I hate my job...but that's life...and one of the BIGGEST reasons why I have accomplished nothing in clearing out my sewing WIP list!

Books...yeah...totally addicted to this series...and I'm on the last book...and taking my sweet time with it...

My new toy...yeah...found myself another hobby (actually not an entirely NEW hobby for me...something I've been interested in for awhile) I stepped it up a bit (from my point and shoot) and am expanding my horizons...thankfully I got a great deal from Sam's Club on a complete kit/package...

And then THE FENCE...which will eat up most of this coming weekend (if we don't run away to the water)...but it's a MUST I'll call it the king distraction (and blame it for the reason my dear Goldie (sewing machine) is so neglected these days...

So there we go...and off I go...

best wishes...see you when I can!

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  1. I understand!!! When the sun comes out, I must be outside! And the yard work, the gardening, the canning, the work. It all takes time.


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