Friday, May 25, 2012


oh man oh man...can I just say...can I just say that I'm a person who is very easily distracted...and it is pretty obvious if you take a look at my sewing table these is what I'm currently facing (all "arranged" nicely in one section of my table...they were all gathered up from where they had been scattered between different locations on the table and ironing board):

don't you love my crayon-esque circles?

first Tumbler quilt (using my Accuquilt Go):

I've gotten a few rows sewn...and a nice stack of tumblers ready to go...but they sit for now...because I was so easily distracted once I was able to get some Pellon Featherweight and work on this T-shirt quilt:

5 squares have their "borders" on...and another 4 to go...and then they will likely sit for a bit...because I was then distracted by these:

the HST remnants from piecing together all of my Terrain Swoon blocks...which were my leaders and enders for awhile with both the Swoon and the start of the Tumbler rows...that I intend to get sewn into some pinwheel blocks...

speaking of...the Terrain Swoon quilt top is still not pieced together because I was distracted by the Tumbler circle of distraction is now complete.

Maybe I'll get one of these things done this weekend...or I'll be further distracted...right now I'm completely distracted by the idea of this fabric...and if I can live without it for a little while longer...or if it's a "must" ASAP...and then of course I'm only mildly distracted anticipating the arrival of this BOM (still a few weeks away)...

I need help!  LOL!

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