Sunday, May 6, 2012

at last!

WOOOOOHOOOOO!  Block #9 of my Terrain Swoon (started in January as part of the Swoon-along) is AT LAST finished!  heeheeheeheehee!  I'm rather giddy about this!  Without further ado...Block #9:

I was pleasantly surprised at how these two fabrics worked within the's a smidge off in a few spots...but there was no way I was picking any stitches today!

and now...I've not been too worried about how the blocks will all work together...but at the same time...until it's all is difficult to be 100% here are the blocks all stacked up:

(I personally love seeing fabric all stacked up nice and neat!  (not that you could tell from my sewing space...but that's a different story!)  and now...all laid out:

Pretty sure this will be the final layout...there are two that need to be rotated to make their center prints run in the right direction...but that's it...and now...time to cut some sashing strips and get to work getting the top all put together!

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