Saturday, May 5, 2012

adding to the stash

When I was in Texas and able to visit The Quilt Asylum (check out this post), I picked up 17 of the 21 prints in the Denyse Schmidt Flea Market Fancy reprint.  And I've very patiently (depends on who you talk to) waited to order the remaining 4 prints...and I could wait no earlier this week I hit up Fat Quarter Shop and did some ordering!  And not just some Flea Market is what all I received in the mail yesterday:

And now...

I have them all!  My precious!!!!!

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to use them...or if they are just going to sit there...looking pretty...and not get used...which would be a complete and utter waste!  (note to self...order more while you still can!).  I'm thinking maybe some log cabin blocks...with some solids thrown in to break it up...we'll see!  Several of the prints I want lots more of so I can have them to mix into other quilts.  Again...we'll see!

Beyond Flea Market Fancy...I'm now completely in love with Reunion by Sweetwater...wasn't going to order any of it...but the numbers and flags just hollered at me...and now that I have a couple pieces...I want more!

And then...there are these lovely bits by Lizzy House...and I want them in all the colors in the rainbow...(all but the pale pink I got at The Quilt Asylum) but here is what I have right now:

And now...all of this has been added to my stash (hubby doesn't understand the stash)...all to be used soon...or slowly...over time...who cares...they are all so pretty to look at!

And to hang out with some friends by the lots of food...and then to see The Avengers!  Have a great weekend!

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