Tuesday, May 1, 2012

SKP Tuesday!

(it is Tuesday right????)

I'm working night shift...and having major difficulties sleeping during daylight hours...so if you are going to read this post...you must be willing to accept a few things
  1. I'm posting in the middle of the day when I should be sleeping...so grammar and all that is out the window
  2. I have little time to even think about sewing...so what gets done gets done...what doesn't...becomes a UFO for another day
  3. who cares what shift you are working (and you stay at home Mom's out there...this includes you!  You work all hours of day and night!)...if you can accomplish something sewing related on a Tuesday...HOORAY!  You effing ROCK!
  4. Bad Grammar and foul language are completely acceptable when one's mind is NOT AT PEAK capacity!  (which mine has not been since the day I found out I was pregnant...just over 13 years ago)
Given the above...welcome to my new weekly post...SKP Tuesday!  AKA...Some Kinda Progress Tuesday!  We have the Design Wall Monday...the WIP Wednesday...and all kindsa things the rest of the week...so I'm now officially dubbing Tuesday as SKP (a.k.a. if you so much as sewed a stitch in the past week...GOOD FOR YOU!  Progress has been made!)  Hell...I may even add a linky-type thingy to this...if there turns out to be interest).  SO let's support each other...forgive our un-blog-friendly grammatical errors (and maybe some potty mouth) and give big shout outs to each other for achieving some kinda progress on some kinda sewing related thingamabobber on a Tuesday!

Anywho...now on to my SKP Tuesday...last week I posted something along the lines of this might be the day...yeah...it turned out it wasn't...I was ridiculously tired...and me ridiculously tired + sewing machine...well...that may lead to injury...never a good plan...so I waited til this past weekend to get going on my final Terrain Swoon block...and between Sunday and Tuesday...here is where I'm at:

and some pieces on standby on the sewing table

All I can say is...halle-flipping-lujah..I made progress!  I have learned to accept that some of my progress may be limited to one seam stitched...but that one seam is more completed than I had the day before!  

So there you have it...the basic idea behind SKP Tuesday...if you are interested in a weekly checkup on this...holler at me in the comments...I'll see what my muddled brain and mr. linky can work out!

Hope your Tuesday brings you a happy machine...happy thread...some inspiration...some quiet kids (if you have...and at least for 30 mins!)...and a few minutes to say...even though it was only one piece...that's one piece less I have to sew!!!!

Happy Tuesday!

P.S.  is the new "edit in Aviary" on Flickr driving anyone else nuts?  is it just me?  definitely not as user friendly as picnik from my experiece!

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