Thursday, May 16, 2013

Can I just have a minute?

Because I need to vent...seriously vent.  There have been quite a few things going on behind the scenes this year, personally and professionally.

Let me first say...Guy and I are good...way worries there.

Other family has been good...really good.

But there is a part of my professional life that spills over to the personal...I happen to work with a couple of family members.  And our paths do cross at work...and sometimes...our jobs clash (it's a David v. Goliath, Hatfields v McCoys kinda thing)...and often...the professional clash can become a bit personal if we are not careful (been this way for the past 5 years, and even some before that)...

and's the things going on in the professional world have gotten my dander up in the personal world.

I'm trying very hard to "take the high road"  and not react to the professional in a personal way...nor try and react personally in a professional environment...

Sometimes I'm just not that tough!  So today...I'm having a personal meltdown over a professional situation.  (and I almost feel bad for Guy...he has to hear it from both sides!! note I did say ALMOST).

Long and short (and what I can actually say without crossing the line)...I think one family member is getting the short end of the stick and not necessarily a fair chance because of another family member...who is getting an opportunity handed to them that they may not deserve...or be ready for...and I will have to deal with both in a professional environment even though I personally AND professionally don't think that one should have the chance right now...and I can't say anything.  Because I could burn both the personal and professional bridges.  If I say something in the professional will be written off as personal...if I say something in the personal environment...well then I'm mean and hateful and don't know what I'm talking about professionally.

Yeah...can't win for losing.

So instead...I had to take a minute and vent.

Thank you for listening.

I will now go drink a giant margarita, go to bed...and pretend it's not happening when I go to work tomorrow.

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  1. That's a rough place to be in. If the person is not ready for the job that will come through eventually and hopefully it won't hurt them too much. The other person could get another, better opportunity later. Karma does happen, it's just really slow sometimes.

    I work at the same company as my spouse does, but in a different department, but right now we are working on a project together. And yes that has lead to some really weird situations. I kept my maiden name when we got married, so people who don't know us, would not assume we were related. A number of years ago, I was accused of cheating on my spouse by someone who saw how much time I was spending with a co-worker. The accuser didn't know that the co-worker was said spouse.

    Hope things are going better on both the work and family fronts.


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