Sunday, May 5, 2013

getting there...

Well...I am making pretty good progress on at least one quilt on my "deadlines" list from Friday.

I started working on the T-shirt quilt on Thursday, mostly just doing prep-work.  To me, that's the hardest/most tedious part of putting together a T-shirt quilt.  I was given a large number of T-shirts to chose from, and since I had this fab camo material all set aside for this quilt, I chose to work with all browns.  And then went through the stacks of brown T-shirts, eliminated any doubles...and got to work, assembly line style:

I do a rough cut of all the T-shirts, then fuse the shirts (I used Pellon 911FF), then trim them down.  For these shirts, they were large enough that I trimmed them all to match my largest square ruler (15x15).  Then it was time to lay them out, then get them sashed...and here they are:

Now...I decided at this point to add some borders (I may only add one), because the person to whom this quilt will belong is a tall fellow (I'll tell you the story of him when I finish this quilt, he's quite a character).  So right now, that's where I'm at...sewing on some border(s).

Then I need to get the backing pieced.  I'm excited for this one, the back has 3 more shirts, and will be pieced with a nice brown Kona that I picked up.

I even know how I'm going to quilt this one (I think).

So I best be getting to work!

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  1. Very cool T-shirt quilt. It's going to be a fun quilt when you have it all done.


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