Friday, May 3, 2013


Oh my...have I let some deadlines sneak up on I guess I will just have to make this weekend another "sewathon"!  

I have a T-shirt quilt that must be finished by next Thursday.

I have the Lawn Chair quilt that must be finished by mid-May.

I have the memory quilt that should have been finished in February.

I have another Lawn Chair quilt all cut out that I would like to finish by mid-May

and then there is Soda Shoppe...which has been patiently awaiting binding for a few weeks now.

So there you weekend plans are made!  (Have some other stuff going on this weekend, but that won't be but half a day total tomorrow).

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  1. Your list looks like mine! I've got 5 quilts too that have to be done this month. Wish I could join you in the sewathon, but Drama Teen has a volleyball tournament this weekend. Enjoy your time in the sewing room.


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