Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hopefully you have made it to this post...can't believe I linked to the wrong place!  oh well!

I actually started sewing about noon yesterday...and was able to get Girl's Seasonal Quilt top completed!  That was a major goal of mine, so I'm glad I got that part finished!  After taking a break to cook dinner and spend some time with the family before Guy had to leave for work, I headed back to the machine at about 7:15 p.m.

And that's when this:

met this:

and the fabric was flying and I got Weeks 13-14 of the FWQAL done!

I started with Block #24 Country Path and my sewing evening almost ENDED with Block took me 2.5 hours to get this one block sewn!    A good chunk of that time was cutting all the different pieces and then I had a few pieces I had to pull apart and restitch as I had them sewn to the wrong pieces...but in the is the block...and quite honestly...I LOVE it!

after spending all of that time on one block...had to take a short break to have a snack with Girl and watch a little TV before she went to bed...and then I headed back to the sewing work on Block #25 Cups and Saucers...which thankfully was a bit faster to cut out and put together...

and I'm torn about Block #25...not sure that I actually like looks a bit off...may have to re-do that one later.

So finished up Block #25...and was ready to start the next...and then I saw what it was:

and that's when the laughter started...NO WAY was I going to cut out all 51 of those tiny little pieces last night...just wasn't for the first time since I started working on Farmer's Wife blocks...I skipped a block (I've been working in number order) I turned the page...and really started laughing!  These were up next:

Block #27: Darting Birds - 52 pieces

Block #28: Duck and Ducklings - 29 pieces

and while they don't actually appear to be that bad to put together...I just was NOT going to cut out all those I just turned the was getting late and I wanted to get some more accomplished, but I wasn't going to skip to the end of the book just to find some easier blocks to put together...thankfully all I had to do was turn the page...

BINGO!  Not a lot of pieces to cut out...and went together easy peasy!

Block #29: Economy

Block #30: End of Day (LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!)

and it was getting really really late about this I called it a night!  Had a blast, got some things accomplished, and look forward to doing it all again!  One final pic of all 4 blocks together:

Now I'm off to hop along and see what some of the other folks did for their Friday Night Sew-In!


  1. Wow I love that first block! The others all look great too! You got a lot done, it always amazes me how long blocks can take to cut and put together! :)

  2. Wow, I love your FWQAL blocks!! :o) Thanks for your visit and comment. Come back anytime. :o) I'm a new follower.

  3. Your FW blocks look great. I won't even try that small sew well done.

  4. Hi Lesley,
    your nights work looks fabulous, what a great nights achievement.
    thanks for stopping by my blog. I have got quite a bit of finishing done thanks to FNSI, great idea huh! And I am so enjoying working on the Sue Spargo quilt, I love her designs, the embellishment is such fun, so much so I have signed up for her 2012 BOM!
    will be checking back to see progress on your quilt!

  5. Your blocks are great - you got a lot done! I like the last one the best -- I like anything pinwheely - they always seems like such happy blocks :)

    I don't do blocks with dozens of pieces - I'm just not that accurate a stitcher and by the time I put together that many bits my 9.5" square would measure 3" x 14" x 6 7/8" by a metre or something, LOL!

  6. I wasn't working on anything complicated and I only did cutting. Well done on completing four blocks and for giving yourself permission to postpone a couple a long the way. That looks like one amazing project.

  7. All your blocks are great, but I love Block #25 Cups and Saucers...the red and white is just fantastic!!!

  8. You accomplished a lot to get so many farmer's wife blocks done in an evening of sewing. I love your blue one!

  9. Hello Lesley,

    Thanks for visiting my blog, you are set as a no-reply blogger so I'm leaving some bloggy love here. Love the fabrics you have chosen for the blocks,especially the fruit fabric.
    Good luck with your blocks.
    Happy days.

  10. Wow! You got a lot done and did a great job! I understand not wanting to cut out so many pieces when it's late. Thanks for sharing! I'm your newest follower! Have a Wonderful Day! :


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