Wednesday, October 5, 2011

white rabbit

I'm feeling a little like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland...I can't be late...must rush...long story short...on last minute notice we have some family who will be in town this weekend for the USC/Kentucky football game...and we'll be having dinner with them Friday night...they are recently married and we were unable to attend the wedding.  Soooo...hubby was very concerned that we didn't get them a wedding gift...well it just so happens I had pretty much all the elements of a quilt top, and the getting the quilt top sewn together won't take I you want to give them a quilt??  (their wedding invitation specifically stated no gifts...but well...he is what he is).  Hubby's response to my suggestion...GET TO SEWING!  LOL!

So remember this quilt?  Meet it's soon to be fraternal (close but not quite identical) twin:

and I even had enough of the border fabric and binding fabric left over:

now I just have to get the top assembled...and buy fabric for tonight i'll try and finish up the quilt top...and then tomorrow I'll make a run to the LQS and see what they have in the way of matching/similar/anything for the backing...and get that pieced together tomorrow night...and start quilting!

Did I mention...we are meeting them for dinner Friday night?

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