Saturday, October 8, 2011

anatomy of a quilt back before I worry anyone...I did the get the white rabbit to the church on time!  or in this case, to dinner on time!  but before I share with you the final result...have to show you some pics of what I was up to around 11 pm on Thursday night!

So...the quilt back...had to hit a big box fabric store for this due to time constraints...and was so happy to find some Kona was an almost perfect match!  (thankfully I had enough remnants from this quilt to throw in something for the backing of the white rabbit!)...and I had little struggle in figuring this one out...but considering the process figured I'd share it!

So...I got the top finished...then started by laying out the Kona Taupe...then tried to figure out what pieces I was going to's pretty much just a jigsaw puzzle...

once I got the mental picture of the back...started working on the sewing...

and then finished it up!

and then I had two of the three pieces I needed to get this quilt finished!

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