Sunday, October 9, 2011

White Rabbit...the finale

I don't usually talk about batting...because I really don't know enough about batting to sound educated when I talk about batting...but I figured since I usually share other pieces of the quilt I would add batting to the conversation.  Here is the quilt batting I normally use:

and I say "normally", but with the exception of one quilt...all my others are finished using Hobbs Batting...sometimes the fusible, sometimes not.  I like the fusible...but have become partial to using basting spray instead of fusible batting...basting spray is so much faster, holds better over time (you know...when you start quilting...and then let it sit for a few weeks...then quilt some more...maybe it's just me) and I have fewer problems with wrinkling the back as I sew.  However, basting spray has one major draw stinks!  I have to let the quilt lay out for a good hour to two hours after basting to let the fumes die down...otherwise it's just too much when you have it all around your face while wrestling your quilt through a machine.  Anyways...back to batting...

Hobbs has been great for me...but...hubby went to pick some up for me yesterday...and well...there was no Hobbs to be found!  Massive he picked up a new can of basting spray (was almost out) and a different batting...after I try it out, I'll let you know if I like it or not.

Moving on!  after a few hours of this:

I ended up with this:

funny story....the binding was giving me a massive headache...kept bunching up and sliding all over, and the finished binding was really NOT pretty...and then I realized...I had the wrong foot on my sewing machine!  The foot I normally use when sewing the binding has always worked well for me...and I had my 1/4 inch foot on, and it kept catching the fabric in odd ways...oh well!

and finally the finished white rabbit (modeled by Guy):

and now...what to work on next?  I could finish up MHQ, or finally get back to some FWQAL blocks...or finally make a decision for T's quilt...or...I could just do nothing....

Did I mention I signed up for this:

Because I totally need another WIP!  Looking forward to the class, which is being aught by Rachel Griffith of PS I Quilt.  You can read more about the class here.

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