Saturday, February 11, 2012

Deploy-T Quilt

Wow!  What a fab day ahead of me!  Lots of plans with family and friends, so time for a quick post (that I should have done yesterday...but oh well!).  So...I've been working hard at trying to accomplish one of my 2012 goals...complete T's Quilt!  This quilt was originally on the plan from way back over here (all the way down at the bottom of that post)...and now it's February (of a different year!) and I think I'll finally get it finished!

This is what this quilt looked like for a very long time:

A lovely stack of fabric that had almost all been cut.  But thankfully I did get some work done on it in early December (no pics)...but that was about it...until yesterday...where I really got cracking!

I finished up the cutting, have about 75% of the piecing done...and hopefully before T comes to visit next week...I'll have a completely done quilt!

The fabric is Flora by Lauren and Jessi Jung that I purchased last October.  I have named the quilt Deploy-T as it is intended to be something she can take with her on her next deployment!

Alrighty I go...busy busy day ahead of me!

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