Friday, February 10, 2012

Some more swooning happening!

Happy Friday all!  I am so happy I have the day off!  I seriously considered going in to work just to do some catch up...but said screw it!  Heehee!  Anyways...this is likely going to be one of at least two posts today...finished up Block #5 of my Terrain Swoon as part of the Swoon-along:

and it's my favorite so far (love that pink!) and I'm pretty sure it will be the center block of my quilt when I get to putting it all together!  Woohoo!  5 blocks down...only 4 to go!

However...Swoon is on hold (at least for right now, and only for a short time) as I'm diligently working on one of my 2012 goals...trying to get it done before next week! (more on that later!)


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