Saturday, October 13, 2012

Closing out Friday!

with just a few more blocks for the Scrappy Stash QAL!  I'm telling you...these blocks...I'm in serious love here!  The piecing is so easy...but looks so complicated (at least to me!!)...they go together quickly...are great for chain piecing...I'm putting together 4 blocks a go...and it's fantabulous!!  So without further ado...


Pink (this pic does not do these blocks any kind of justice...they are my ab fav so far!):

finished all of these before 11:59 pm on that closes out my what to do for the weekend????  A few more colors and I'll have all my blocks...(FYI...I figured out that I'm DEFINITELY going to need to purchase more yellow and orange...I could maybe get 2 blocks out of each color with what I have...and I need 4 of each)...but I have a pretty important football game maybe a few minutes just before the game...or just after...or not at all...we'll see!
anywho...take a look at the new pile of scraps (most of which is probably in the toss category) I created over the past two days making these blocks!

20 of 36 blocks completed!  So excited!!!!

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  1. These look so good! I love the pink too! I agree that they look totally complicated. I was looking at mine this morning thinking, "Wow, it looks like I did a lot of work!" Little does everyone else know...LOL


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