Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rainbow Strings...and I made a bag!!!

Ok...after having so much fun piecing my Scrappy Stash QAL blocks...and loving the yummy rainbowy goodness of all the blocks laid out...I decided to continue the rainbow theme AND try something new...and so the past few days I have been putting together my Rainbow String blocks!




and the rest that I have done:

17 of 36 complete!!!

The whole plan is...Scrappy Stash is for one niece...and the Rainbow Strings is for her sister!  I wanted to make them quilts...and wanted them to be similar, but not identical (originally I was going to make 2 scrappy stash quilts)...and well...this is where I'm at!

and got this wild idea that I wanted to make my daughter a bag...and after we wandered around the store looking for a good pattern...we took a lunch break...and it hit me...THIS ONE!!!  I pulled it up on my phone...and Girl agreed!  So after we ate...we went straight back to the store and picked up some fabric and some Pellon 809.  and then...we got home and I got straight to work!

and let me tell was danged HI-LAR-I-OUS in my house!  I was jumping up and down and grinning and hollering "I made a BAG!!!" (a lot...apparently I told Guy many many times how I had made a bag!)  I was a bit proud of me...  and here it is:

And Girl LOVES it!  She even said she was going to take it to school!

WOW!  My life is now complete!  So I got started on another one...that I'll share with you tomorrow...maybe...I have all the fabric ready to go...

I'm very excited about this one!!!

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  1. Your definitely picking up a "bag" habit don't you think? Love your Girl's bag. Very fun.


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